About Us

There is nothing like the old adage that hard work pays off. In an industry where hard work is necessary, we have found an even better way to make our work count, and that is listening to our customers. Our customers, who have been by our side since we opened our doors more than 10 years ago are the backbone of our company and why we do things differently.

We have noticed that when it comes to asphalt repair and installation, that there is something of a gap in technology and practices that we believe that we can fill. By simply looking at what we can do to improve the area of asphalt, we believe that there is much to learn and much to do, and that we can learn and do it.

Blazing the trail

For the future of asphalt is what we are all about by combining web presence, hard work and the feedback of our customers, we believe that we can be pointed in a direction that not only makes our customers happy, but also a direction that helps the industry get back on its feet and once again become the industrial juggernaut that it was in the past.